"HIGH BRAZIL"  Built By JP Rodman  

                                                                                                                                        Ramblings by Kenny Kirk

                   This Chopper built by JP Rodman is absolutely nothing short of amazing! This beauty came to life during the People's Champ contest, put on by Show Class Magazine, and I had it picked as the winner from the first update. Well, at least I remember telling everyone, that would listen, "if he can finish this thing, he will win it" I was instantly a fan. Not to take anything away from the other guys, but I was hooked of this creation the moment I saw the level of metal work, and molding that was going to be involved. I was blown completely out of the water when I realized he was going to use epoxy in the tank to display insects, a S/S Cragar on the rear, and run a cone shovel, all on my "favorites from the 70's" list. I followed all the updates and was really looking forward to each new one. As soon as the final Six were announced Justin James and I discussed making a Knife and Sheath combo to give to the winner, as we have the past few years. We made it and honestly I thought nothing about it possibly going to JP, I mean just because I dig it, doesn't mean anyone else will.

                 Once getting to California I hit up my buddy Deso , because I really wanted to go ride, and he is always down. While getting ready to get going he mentions that JP was there working on his bike, and that it was even better in person. I had to go introduce myself, and let him know how stoked I was on his work, and I really wanted to see this true work of art immediately. While in the trailer I mentioned that Justin and I were giving away some stuff to whoever won, and that I was glad it was going to be him, obviously I had no idea what the outcome was going to be, but after seeing it in person, I was pretty sure more people would "get it" than I originally thought. JP of course was saying No, No, but that's because he is about the most genuinely humble person I've ever met, most greats are. We see each other a few more times, and then its time! Friday Night! The People's Champ! Show Class Born Free Pre Party! My personal favorite night in June, and I'm Pumped! The Winner is going to the Big Show! The Last Invited Builder, and It's , that's right it's JP Rodman! I am freaking Stoked! I couldn't wait to tell him "I told you so", and "congratulations" of course. Over the next few days we kept running into each other, and talking more, and by the time Born Free was over I thought I had at the very least gained a friend.

                A few months go by and its time for the Southern Throwdown, which is a must see show in its own right, and I hear that JP and Nikki , who I've spoken to a few times, at this point, are on their way to the show, well I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to seeing them, so naturally I stock them on Instagram like the creep that I am, and I see that they are on the way, but the truck is giving them some trouble, and they may miss the show, instantly I think, "well its only a few hours away, how can I go get them, and still make my load in at the show?". Then I think "how far is the nearest chopper saver, I mean u-haul?", so I did what I always do when a question I ask myself stumps me, do to the fact that there is no way for me to know the answer, Google That Shit! Strangely enough there is one a block away, and it directly across the street from the mechanic. I send the info to them, and they are rolling again, thanks to Google, and Instagram, two of my favorite modern conveniences. Once they get to town its on! We hangout, we brainstorm, and we immediately realize that our plans to take over the world can only be achieved if we work together, so the plan is to stay and discuss this more while the truck is being repaired. Somewhere in the midst of this JP gets what I refer to as "The Call" its the one that every, and I mean every builder longs to receive, The Invite to build a bike for Born Free! I seriously couldn't explain in words how cool it was to be there that moment, and knowing that My business partner, and Brother, I mean that like BFF, Jim Harper had gotten the call a short time earlier. Well, lets just say my mind was about to explode. JP and I had been discussing the possibility of "High Brazil" being on display in the shop, but he had already made plans to go to a few more shows in 2015 so, When? How? for How Long? Just so happens we love hosting events at our shop, in fact, it is just as much a venue, as it is a parts store, as it is a retail space, as it is whatever we want it to be, so we decided that a great way to get this done would be to do a Gallery Night displaying some of the amazing art that Nikki, seemingly effortlessly, turns out almost 24/7. This would get them in town, and considering that now we are all Family, it would be a great time to catch up, afterward the bike could spend the winter with us, then on the way to the Giddy Up, they could stop in and load her up. Sounds easy, well we'll see! The art show was epic, and "High Brazil" is currently on display in our showroom at 212 west exchange ave. Fort Worth TX 76164 Stop by and check it out in Person 12-8 everyday except Tuesday.

Be sure to follow JP Rodman and Jim Harper on Instagram for updates on their Born Free 8 builds, they are both very dear to me, and far too humble. Enjoy the slide show on the welcome page!